A FREE Printable School Attendance Sheet

School attendance Poster Well, this last week was a crazy one, filled with the flu going through our house, along with lots of activities. So needless to say, my planning was pushed aside for a bit.

I have been wanting to share with you all how I kept track of my children’s school attendance each year. In some states there are mandatory attendance laws, requiring you to document how many days your children are “in school.” And even if you live in a state where the homeschool laws are not as stringent, you still need to be prepared and diligent to keep records; state laws are always changing…you may be facing a family move to a different state…you will be encouraged to see progress as the days go by in the year!

As homeschoolers, we tend to have school days and play days mesh together, so it is a bit difficult to keep track sometimes.

We need a way to log our school days that is easy, quick and can be checked at-a-glance.

I love all the new planners that are available for homeschoolers; they make lesson planning much easier (and neater). However, it is very hard to make sure we are marking our attendance days when we have to page through a thick calendar and count everything up.

So I keep a one page at-a-glance School Attendance sheet. I can circle each day we are officially in school, and I have a gauge on where we are each year.

Now, the pages I use are blank with the months and numbers typed out on a Word file, but I decided to make one for you that is much prettier to look at. Everything is more fun when it is pretty!

You can print this out each year, keep it in your planning book, and always know where you are in your school year. Easy, simple, and beautiful!

Download it here: School Attendance. And have an extraordinary day!