A New Day!

Lam 3.22-23 Don't you love waking up and realizing that the whole day is ahead of you? It is a great design that God gives to us: a new start each day, a fresh beginning.


If you are remembering yesterday as a day filled with incomplete tasks or things said out of frustration, know that you can bring those things before the throne of the Lord and ask Him to give you wisdom about what to do today. Don't worry about what happened yesterday. Yesterday is over. I know that sounds a bit sappy, but you can't go back and re-do it. What you CAN do is take charge of what is ahead of you today, asking God for guidance. If you need to ask forgiveness for anything you did yesterday, go to the person (or people) involved and just do it. Then bring it before the Lord. He has already forgotten it. Done!

Now prayerfully begin today with thanks, and then boldly enjoy what is ahead!