Everything Is Upheld by God

main photo iiI have been studying more about the history of science, lately. It amazes me that the more we discover about our world and our universe, the more we reveal the magnificence of our God. He is everpresent.

That means that at any given moment in time, He sees the edges of the universe and holds together the atoms of our bodies. Simultaneously! And it is even amazing to say "at any given moment in time," because He is not held by time. God was before time and will be after time has ended. That is why He called himself "I Am" in the Bible.

Present tense.

He is never in the past or the future because time cannot measure or restrict His existence.

Our observational tools of the microscope and the telescope give great testimony to His big-ness. We are only beginning to see the complexities of the microscopic (and sub-microscopic), and we are still discovering the immensity of our universe as we send out bigger and bigger rocket-powered telescopes.

Oh, yes, it is an understatement to say my God is big. I cannot even begin to understand what "big" means!

THIS drives me to study our world. THIS drives me to learn more about my God!