You Are Not JUST a Mom



Some mom-encouragement for today (short and sweet, but mighty powerful!):

I wholeheartedly believe that you, as “Mom,” have the most challenging, intense, sometimes thankless and dirtiest job there is. And it’s a job that in our society is perceived as a mediocre one. We fall into this trap and begin to say, “I’m JUST a mom.” But God says something different. He gives us the Proverbs 31 woman. Now, we all look at her as a standard we just can’t meet. Yet look at what she did.

She humbly, day-in-day-out served and loved her family. She cooked, cleaned, and sewed for them. She was up late at night and early in the morning. She was faithful. Not famous. Not self-serving. And that is who the Lord gives us as an example of blessed.

We think we need to make a name for ourselves to be significant. We need to have an awesome blog, an exciting career, or something else to put over the top of the title: homemaker. This is a lie from the enemy. The selfless work you do for your children is the BEST and most praised thing you can do for them and the Lord’s kingdom. You are a world changer!