Organization Tip – Hanging Sweaters



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I have seen this idea floating around the internet, and I thought I would finally try it for myself. Living in Florida, we don’t often have need to wear lots of sweaters, but I always like it when I can hang clothes versus folding them and storing them in drawers. You know what eventually happens; your kids will pull the sweater out from the bottom of the stack, thus unfolding and messing up all the stacked sweaters on top of it. Then the drawer won’t close, and you have to pull everything out and refold it in order to keep the clothes from getting wrinkled…

Well, you get the picture. That’s why I like to hang clothes whenever I can.

But sweaters are difficult to hang because the hangars leave dents in the shoulders, causing the sweaters to become misshaped. You put them on, and you have these little sweater-dents.

This new method of hanging sweaters makes me so happy, because it gets rid of the sweater-dent plague and keeps bulky sweaters from taking up precious drawer space. Win-win!

So here is how you do it:

Lay the sweater on a table. Then fold it in half lengthwise.


Place the hangar so that the hook is in the armpit space and one hangar arm crosses over the sweater arm while the other hangar arm crosses over the body of the sweater (a picture is worth a thousand words…).


Fold the sweater arm and body over the arms of the hangar.


Then hang up and enjoy the organization beauty!


This makes me so happy! I hope you try it out and free up some drawer space. Lovely!