“So Where Do YOU Work?”

As a mom, I consider myself somewhat tech savvy. I have a Facebook page, I tweet, I use Instagram, Pinterest, and I even know what Snapchat is (though I don’t use it). I am pretty familiar with the features of my smart phone, too, using it for many more tasks than actually phoning someone on it. IPhone_at_Macworld_(angled_view) wiki


I use the GPS when I’m out of town to find my way around. I take photos for my media posts, take notes on it, and use it to create mini graphics. It sends me notifications of messages, email and comments.

But the other day my phone did something that I thought was wrong. There must have been a glitch or some kind of mis-signal.

You see, whenever I am away from home, my phone notifies me how far away I am from home base. I think it is a convenient bit of information, especially when I am in an unfamiliar part of town.

But a week ago, my phone did something odd. It notified me how long it would take me to DRIVE TO WORK.

Time to work 18 minutes.”

But I was at home...I do not have a job.

Well, I am not employed. I’m a homeschool mom. I do work. But it is definitely at home. So, what was my smart phone “thinking?” Where was work? I clicked on it.

And, at first, I laughed. My smart phone was telling me I was 18 minutes from work, and my workplace: Super Target.

Well, I don’t work there. Why in the world would it think I did? I certainly shop there to buy household items, clothes for the family, and even groceries. In fact, I would say I go there every week or so. Kind of regularly.

You know what I mean. It is just part of my weekly routine of keeping my house. That is my job.

Then I realized it. My smart phone is pretty smart after all. Indeed, I am not employed at Target. But my “work” takes me there. And quite often enough to consider it one of my work locations.

Hmmm. Pretty good, smart phone. You really don’t miss anything.”

Maybe I should explain this to the Target people the next time I am there. After all, don’t folks get a discount at the place where they work?

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