The Properties of Water and the Characteristics of God

TitleOne of the things I most enjoy about studying science from a creationist world view is learning how the Bible uses metaphors to help us understand difficult concepts: things that work in a spiritual realm that we have a hard time comprehending, or things that are eternal – more than us. Just like we might explain the complexities of how a car engine works to a young child by using simpler terms, we can better understand God’s fascinating power and love in the simpler metaphors the Bible uses.

verse 1

The idea of Living Water is a beautiful metaphor, because the properties of water help us to better understand who our Lord is. This is why studying Creation helps us better learn about the Creator. (That’s a plug for why you should teach science throughout your students’ education.) Water is one of the most unique substances in the world. We would die without it. Our bodies are more water than other elements and chemicals. And as we take a closer look at the properties of water, we can capture glimpses of who our Lord is.

1.  Water is self-attractive. Its molecules are drawn to each other to support things. A water strider is a small insect that can actually walk on water due to the tight skin that the water molecules form on top. This connective-ness of water (called hydrogen bonding) enables it to be drawn into crevices, helping blood to move through our arteries and veins, and nutrients up plant roots. Water can get into the tiniest of crevices. It can seep up the narrowest cracks in rocks, then freeze and expand, breaking entire boulders in half! It can penetrate and is powerful.

Similarly Living Water can reach the deepest, darkest places in your soul to expose and cleanse. There is literally no sin that our Lord cannot find. No hidden place He cannot touch and renew! Living Water penetrates and is powerful.

Verse 2

2.  Water is the universal solvent. That means it dissolves most anything: salts, sugars, other liquids, even gases. No other known liquid can dissolve as many substances as water can. And that is good to keep us alive, to recycle chemicals in the world, to help plants and other organisms get their nutrients.

Living Water can dissolve and wash away any type of sin: any thought, any action, any internal emotion. It is universal in its ability to cleanse.

Verse 3

3.  Water exists in all three states in nature, gas (as in clouds), liquid and solid (as in snow and ice). It is ever-present: it is in the air we breathe, it is in our bodies, it makes up most of our food. It can endure great heat and extreme cold and still be water, never expiring.

Living Water does not expire or go away. It endures, it lasts. Jesus can meet us at any point in our lives, at any moment. He is ever present and will never leave us. Breathe him in!

Verse 4

4.  Water is necessary for life. This is why dried food lasts longer than regular food. Bacteria can’t grow as well in dry conditions. You see, living things need water for survival.

Living Water is necessary for a fulfilled life. Feeling dried up? Realize that our spiritual life needs living water to survive. How do we get this living water? We need to come to the Lord daily … be in his word … converse with him.

Verse 5

So we know about physical water and its metaphorical application. It gives us a beautiful glimpse of the attributes of our God. Remember to daily “drink” of this Living Water!