The Top 10 Posts From 2015!

The Top Ten Posts from 2015 Because we are still in the early weeks of January, I took some time to look over my last year of blogging. If you have read many of my posts, you know that I have a three-fold set of topics that I love to write about. The theme connecting them all is that we are all EXTRAORDINARY. The “Just” fits in because it is our ordinary selves…just us…that makes us that way. You see, YOU are marvelously made, created by a loving God who loves you and has great purpose for you. It is not through our endeavors that make us extraordinary but our faithful God who made us, guides us, and directs us. Our world is extraordinary, our families are extraordinary, and WE are extraordinary. That is why I blog about seeing God’s awesome fingerprints in Creation, encouragement for relationships with those in our homes, and practical helps for homemaking and homeschooling.

Well, here are the top ten posts from 2015:

  1. What To Do When Homeschooling Is Over Title Homeschooling becomes such an intrinsic part of our lives as moms that we sometimes can get lost within it. But you already know children grow up quickly, so it is important to think, imagine, dream, and plan about what the Lord has for you once you have completed the journey. God is not done with what He has for you!



9.   How the “Lowly” Lichen Causes Problems for Evolutionary Theory Lichens-and-evolution-just-extraordinary.com_ As I learn more and more about the organisms in this world, I am continually amazed at their complexity. This post highlights lichens, a symbiotic relationship between two organisms that cannot survive without each other.


  8.  The Wisdom of God and the Hydrologic Cycle Title I absolutely LOVE when I find analogies in the Bible that have to do with knowing a bit about our world! That means the more we understand the science of the natural world, the better we get a glimpse of what God is telling us.



7.  5 Ways We’re Making Homeschooling the Elementary Years More Difficult Title We homeschoolers all fall into this trap once in a while. We feel pressure for our children to succeed, to excel, and to go on to do great things when they grow up. So we think we have to start their education earlier in age and at a more advanced pace. But studies (and my home evidence) are showing that is not so great!



6.  A Scientific Look at the Branches, Vine, and Grafting in the Bible (Or How the Church Needs to Work Together) Title II Here’s another one that has to do with analogies in the Bible and how we can better understand them by studying the science behind them. It is awesome!




5.  Why Is Homeschooling So Much Work? Why-Is-Homeschooling-So-Much-Work-just-extraordinary.com_ I think all homeschool parents have a slight dread when it comes to a new year of homeschooling. We constantly are dealing with concerns that we are making mistakes or not progressing quickly enough. And, let’s face it. It isn’t always easy. But work is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are feeling this way, hopefully this post will encourage you!

  4.  I Am a Marine Biologist and I Believe in Science (A Scientist’s Testimony to Creation) A-Scientists-Testimony-to-Creation-just-extraordinary.com_ This recent post blew me away with the responses I received. Many students contacted me to thank me for sharing how we don’t have to be afraid of science as Christians. In fact, we should be excited to study our world to see glimpses of God’s hand.



3.  A New Font for Readers with Dyslexia Title 1

This amazing font actually helps students (and adults) better identify letters as they read. It includes a link to the site where you can download the font for FREE for home use.




2.  Don’t Stop Reading Aloud to Your Children…Even Your Teens! Title This post really encourages you to continue reading aloud to your children. I know. Once they are reading for themselves, it is a job you may not want to take on any more. After all, you have so much to do. But let me encourage you to keep having those family read-alouds. They build relationships as you go on imaginary journeys together!



  1. Building Note-taking Skills for Homeschoolers Building Note-taking Skills for Homeschoolers By far, this is the top post of the year. The first of four parts, I discuss the reasons for teaching note-taking skills and then include some helpful suggestions on how to do it. This post continues to get shared and pinned, to my amazement. I have much more to share on this subject (it is one of the skills I think that really never gets taught in any school situation, and it is an extremely important one). One day, I might try to put everything together in a small ebook/ecourse, but for now, my writing plate is quite full, and I don’t have the technical know-how to do e-anything, so my learning curve will be great. For now, hopefully what is here will be helpful. I may revisit this topic in the future, adding more and more information in other posts. Thank you all for a great year! ~Sherri