What’s So Extraordinary about Wednesday?

whats-so-extraordinary-about-wednesday-sherriseligson-com I really love those ads where the camel goes around an office on a Wednesday, asking everyone what day it is and waiting for them to say ‘hump day.’

Camel humor.

Many folks think the Wednesday-dread is common only to those in a 9-5 job, but we all fall into this temptation of thinking that once we get over that mid-week hump, it is all downhill from there to the ultimate days of the weekend!

It is easy to face the work week with dread. For me, Sunday evenings would sometimes feel like that bracing moment just before you are ready to dive into very cold water. You tense up, wince, and just jump in. Get that shocking blast in the face over with and endure the challenging week ahead until the next weekend.

Well, I was getting ready to make to post on my Facebook page, rejoicing that the work week was half over, but then I realized I don't want it to go quickly. I don't want to be living from one weekend to another, just biding my time until Saturday and Sunday.

If we live that way, we are missing some of the sweetest life moments...mealtime, soccer games, and yes, washing dishes and doing laundry. Granted, those activities in themselves aren’t glamorous or celebrated, but they mean that we are doing life. We have food to eat, we have clothes to wash, we even have leisure time to take our children to sporting activities.


When I ask my kids what some of their greatest memories are, I get as many comments about those day-to-day activities as the vacations or weekend fun. They think back to those mundane moments just as fondly as those exciting ones. Why?

Because it is with the ordinary things that the extraordinary happens. An experience at a theme park only lasts a day or two. But the day-to-day memories with family are deeply anchored and cherished. An experience being a parent is a lifetime of joys. And even the sorrows and difficulties it brings make us get on our knees in prayer. They bring us closer to our God. I can truly say that being a wife, mother, and homeschooler has grown my prayer life. I know how good our Lord is, and how great His love is for me.

And I learned that by walking through the ordinary, not from a day at Disney World.

So don't spend 5/7 of your life waiting for the weekend. Embrace the daily ordinary stuff and LIVE it!