Worry – Why We Do It and How to Begin to Stop – FollowUp


Title Update post Isn’t it funny how God often teaches us things through ways that we don’t expect? Yesterday, I posted about how we all can fall into the trap of worrying about things in our lives (See HERE). Scripture tells us that worry doesn’t accomplish anything. It doesn’t add to our days or fix our problems. There are several intentional things we can do to keep ourselves from those thoughts that can seep in, and I wanted to check back today to see if any of you had any feedback.

But I am checking in with my own feedback. You see, yesterday afternoon, my blog site went down. There was no way to access the admin site or the hosting site. I am the first to admit that I have absolutely NO technological ability, either. My super-techie son is the one who helped me design and set up this site, and he maintains it, too.

But he is out of town and has limited contact right now. When I was notified that people couldn’t access my site, I didn’t know what to do. I have several friends who have had their sites hacked and have lost all of their content. I was sitting at my desk yesterday imagining all the headache that I would have to go through to try to fix this all by myself.

And the worry set in.

Can you catch the irony of that? The very day I wrote about what our God says about worry, I am faced with a huge frustrating situation.

OK. I get it, Lord. YOU are trying to teach ME through this.

So I prayed, asking Him for wisdom and peace. And I actually felt better. I made a few contacts for help and then I went about my day, putting useless thoughts and concerns out of my mind.

And it worked. I didn’t have that pit-in-my-stomach feeling. Whenever I found myself thinking about the situation, I thought of you who read the post and that I needed to take my own exhortation.

I am truly grateful for God’s word and how it is so relevant for us today. His word is timeless, powerful, and it is Truth!

I pray that any of you who struggle with worry will go to the One who understands. The One who gave us wise counsel and direction.

Give it to God! …And let Him amaze you!


By the way, the website problem was just due to my hosting site that was undergoing “unannounced regular updating.” Now that I see the big picture, I know that worrying about it wouldn’t have done me any good anyway. I’m learning.