You Really ARE Teaching More STEM Education Than You Thought

Why Studying Science Means Living the FaithThis week, I am sharing a post over on the Apologia Educational Ministries page. As you may know, I am a marine biologist by trade, but I am first and foremost a mom and homeschooler. Yes, I love science. So, of course, I try to encourage others in the importance of teaching it.

Now, don't say to me, "But, Sherri, you just don't understand. I have never liked science and I don't think I am good at it." Believe me. I get it.

I have never loved literature and poetry, and I certainly do not think I am good at it. After all, how do we know what that author was thinking when he wrote that important treatise? He is dead, and he left no annotations to explain it. So what I think he meant could be just as right as what someone else thinks he meant. Is he really comparing that tree to society's monolithic structure? I don't know.

I digress.

As a homeschooler, I had to learn to teach this material to my children. And I had to at least try to make it sound interesting. Well, after so many years of doing my best, I actually began to appreciate this stuff! In fact, hey, I actually like it! I love reading, love great literature, and finally at least understand what makes a great book great. Now, I still don't love teaching it, but I understand the importance of it.

The same goes with science. And I have some good news. You are likely already teaching your children valuable STEM information. Now, STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math.

I go into greater detail over at the Apologia page.

Suffice it to say that we homeschoolers actually get unexpected blessings from this educational endeavor to teach and train our children. We have the privilege to re-learn things we may have forgotten. We get to study subjects in depth along with our kids, now with the deeper perspective of adulthood. And we see God's hand working throughout the whole of history and in his creative design, upholding creation!

As many of us begin a new school year soon, I hope this is an encouragement to you!

Have an extraordinary day!