(last updated July 2018)

You are reading the personal blog of Sherri Seligson. Here is where I aim to share encouragement to moms, particularly in the educating of their children. I also love to write about examples of how we can see God’s creative hand in creation in order to inspire others. All content in the blog is from me unless stated otherwise. I personally update and maintain the information here.

Please know that no content on this site is meant to be expressed or interpreted as legal counsel. It is the parents full legal responsibility for the education of their children just as educators take responsibility for their classrooms and administrators their schools.

At this time, I am not accepting any cash or recompense for advertising or sponsorship. If this ever changes, there will be an immediate notification. If any compensation is received in any of the content I post, it will be clearly identified.

I strive to behave with honesty and integrity on this site. I rely on earning your trust and serving your needs and depend on word of mouth recommendations. Any opinions given are my own and are not influenced by organizations or companies I may mention.

Please be assured that I desire to always provide honest information in an effort to serve and benefit families.

Last update - July 2, 2018